Bring Back My Identity

Bring Back My Identity

Who is this book for
The subject of information security is not popular and most people are not familiar with it, especially in our communities, as a result most people don’t pay attention to information security and that has resulted into so many community members falling victims of identity theft.

What's at risk
You might be sitting at home or somewhere thinking that all is Well, Whereas someone out there has collected your personal information and is using it to impersonate you, doing all crazy things with your identity, (REALITY) Well since it’s your identity that was used, you will be RESPONSIBLE.

How will this book help?
This book will equip and empower you to take responsibility to protect your personal information and of those that you love. This book provides basic guidelines and tips that you can use to protect your personal information.

Dedicated to:
-Everyone who carries a valid ID book
-Victims of personal information theft
-Everyone who has had a credit accounts and loans they had no knowledge of
-Everyone who was misled where personal information was requested
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